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This page is a tribute to Tiffany Cromwell. She was one of my night nurses at Roper Hospital. When I went to the hospital I was bold in telling people that I was involved in conducting church services at a local assisted living facility. I did this in order to open the door to tell them about Jesus. When she found out that I was a licensed preacher at an assisted living facility, she said she had salvation issues and asked if I could help her. In the end, she would be the one to help me.

The reason I was in the hospital was because of complications after a fall from a ladder a couple of months earlier. The fall from the ladder was just before Thanksgiving in 2019 and I had to wait until the week after to go to the doctor. I had a CT scan done to see if there were any problems in my head and the results of the scan showed no problems. I continued to deteriorate until the last of January 2020 and went to the Emergency Room. I told them of the fall and that I had a CT scan and it showed nothing wrong in my head so the problem must be in my back or neck. I was admitted in the hospital and tests were done and nothing was found. I was scheduled to be discharged the next day when Tiffany noticed the problems I was having were not consistent with back or neck problems, but were brain issues. She called attention to what she noticed and there was another CT scan done of my head. I was sent immediately to intensive care and scheduled for brain surgery. The neurosurgeon stated that had I been discharged I would not have made it. Had it not been for the actions Tiffany took I would have died.

Our spiritual condition can be misdiagnosed and we can turn to religion instead of the Savior and it will only lead to death. It says in Proverbs 16:25, "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."