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Hospital Mission

Roper-hospital-1-300x220.jpgHaving to go to the hospital was like going on a mission trip because the whole time I was there I found many of the hospital workers had salvation issues. That is why I have the title Hospital Mission. Not only do those workers have issues, but many who profess to be Christians, church goers, have those same issues. As a matter of fact, the hospital workers with salvation issues were professing to be Christians and were attending church. 

There are many who have those issues, but are afraid to let someone know of the issues for fear of what others may think of them.  Pride is the real reason we go about with spiritual issues unaddressed. 

The way I ministered to the hospital workers was to tell them the experience that I had with the same issues. When I told my experience and the concerns others had of the same they realized they also had the problem.  It is very important to understand salvation. The main issue is the problem of works and grace. This is addressed more fully in the content salvation issues