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brotherbellThe name Seventy Lambs comes from Luke 10:1, 3. The name “Seventy” comes from the seventy that Jesus sent in verse 1 and “Lambs” come from the lambs among wolves in verse 3. Back in the early 1990’s we held church services at a local nursing facility on two Thursdays of each month, either the first and third or the second and fourth, I don’t remember now exactly which. After one of those services, I was told by the pastor to go home and read Luke 10. Why did he tell me to do that? I really don’t know. Anyway, I read Luke 10 that night before I went to bed. I had a dream that night, I don’t consider it a real dream, but more of a vision than a dream. The vision, as I call it, was just a still picture of something like a plaque of some of the Scripture that is in Luke 10. It was either in a plaque or scroll-type format suspended in mid-air with clouds all around that filled the rest of what I could see. It’s hard to recall every detail of this image because the only thing I really focused on was what was written on the plaque. The Scripture that I remember seeing was the first few verses of Luke 10. 


I wondered what all this was about and I told the pastor that told me to read Luke 10 what had happened. All he ever told me was that the same thing had taken place with him and he asked me if I had seen “the seventy”. I think he was associating the “seventy” and fields being white (John 4:35) with the elderly people in the nursing home with white hair, but I never did see it in that manner and I didn’t know what it meant. However, I seem to have done most of my ministering in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. I never told anyone other than him about what had taken place until years later when I told someone that something had taken place and I would one day find out what the meaning of it was.

SeventyLambs has a mission as did the seventy that were sent in Luke 10. The mission of SeventyLambs is to prepare the people for the Lord's return. The seventy were to go to the cities where Jesus was soon to come. Jesus is coming soon! Are you ready!


Mission Intro.